Get started with your digital ID

Everything you need to operate online is provided in your e-Residency kit – your digital ID card, a card reader and your PIN codes. If you are not yet an e-resident, learn how to apply.

If you have picked up your e-Residency kit, welcome!

The best place to get started is on our step-by-step Welcome page. This page will not only guide you through getting started, but demonstrate what you can do with your digital ID card.

The 3 basic steps

1. Verify your digital ID card is active by entering your digital ID card document number here
2. Install the digital ID software: Windows or macOS
3. Insert your digital ID card into your card reader, you are now ready to use your digital ID card to use e-services and establish a company online.

My certificates are not active

If you have just received your e-Residency digital ID, please confirm your certificates have been activated as this can take up to 24 hours from the time you picked up your e-Residency kit. You can check this on the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) site here.

If the certificates are not yet active, we kindly ask you to wait. If the certificates are not active within 24 hours, contact the issuing authority, PBGB, at Be sure to provide your full name, date of birth and document number.

Set up email address

With your e-Residency digital ID card, you will receive your very own email address. To set up your email address


1) Log in with your e-Residency digital ID card

2) Choose Notification settings


3) Fill in the fields with your email address. An activation code will be sent to your personal email.

4) Open the email from Riigiportaal

5) Click the link provided in the email

6) You will be redirected back to the website, review the information and click Save

7) Follow the Notification subscription link provided and tick your choices.

More information about setting up your email address can be found at ID card technical support page.

If you have any trouble setting up the email address, contact

Make sure you update the forwarding settings if your personal email address changes.

  Technical issues

If you encounter a technical problem, you should first visit the ID card help centre where they can help you identify your problem and find a solution instantly. Visit them here. Or, you can contact them by phone at (+372) 666 8888 or by using the Ask For Help on the right corner of their website. ID card helpline works Monday to Friday, 8:00 - 19:00 EET).

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