Estonian state fees

When submitting applications or larger requests to Estonian state institutions or registries, you will usually need to pay an administrative fee - known as a state fee. Some common state fees for e-residents include: when you submit your application for e-Residency, register your company, or make changes to your company's articles of association. Overall, the rules and payment of state fees are regulated by the State Fees Act.

Here is an overview of some of the state fees more commonly relevant to e-residents.

e-Residency digital ID Application Shipping How to pay?
Application for e-Residency 100€ 0-20€ * Paid with Visa or Mastercard when submitting the application.
Changing the location of your e-Residency kit for pickup   10-80€ * For more information, please see our e-Residency card pickup FAQ
Ordering new PIN codes for a digital ID 20€ N/A Can only be ordered at your nearest Estonian representation. You can read further on digital ID PIN codes in this article. State fee is paid by bank transfer. For more information, please visit this page by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) Application Extension  
Short-stay visa (type C) 80€ Extension of DNV is not possible. More details are available on this page for visa information.
Long-stay visa (type D) 100€
Legal person Registration Amendment How to pay?
Private limited company (OÜ) 265€ 25€

Payable through bank link through the e-Business Register or via bank transfer. You can find a detailed overview of this through the e-Business Register Help section.








Branch of a foreign company 200€ 25€
Sole proprietor (FIE) 20€ 10€
Public limited company (AS) 200€ 25€
Non-profit organisation (MTÜ) 20€ 10€
Foundation (SA) 80€ 10€
Other operations regarding legal persons  
Transformation of a company into a private limited company (OÜ) or public limited company (AS) 180€  
Transformation of a European company (SE) into a public limited company or a public limited company into a SE 35€  
Deletion of a commercial pledge 10€  
Licences and notices Application How to pay?
Issuing or renewal of a operating license The state fee depends on the license, more information is available here. Method of payment depends on license. You can find more details by clicking on this link.
Notice of an economic activity 10€ **  

Payable via a bank transfer to the Ministry of Finance



* Additional fees apply when using a pickup location operated by an external service provider. For detailed info, please click here.

** No service fee applies if notice is made through the state portal, the state fee is only applied if notice is submitted by any other means.

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