Invest in Estonia

Estonia consistently ranks as a world leader in human capital, digital capability, and ease of doing business. This creates a competitive environment that allows solutions and services to be researched, developed and delivered globally.

Why invest in Estonia?

From multinational companies to high-growth startups, Estonia has a two-decade track record of successful investments and innovations. We are a Northern European hub for industrial, global business services, and supply chain sectors and a world leader in IT.

The pro-business environment is open, competitive, and transparent. The ultra-high IT usage across the economy creates significant efficiencies, real-time data, and scalable business models.

Our advantages – your benefits

The majority of our workforce is multilingual, and the nation’s digital mindset makes our workers highly adaptable. In the Industrial sector, we excel in engineering and electronics while in IT we are recognised leaders in software development, high-tech systems, and cyber security.

Estonia’s R&D ecosystem and digital capabilities make it an innovation hotspot. Successful startups include Wise and Starship Technologies. Global giants like Ericsson, Arvato, and NATO all conduct R&D in Estonia. As a result of a long commitment to IT, Estonia is the world’s most advanced digital society and a recognised leader in digital skills, infrastructure, and legislation. Homegrown successes like Fortumo, Guardtime and Skeleton Technologies mix with global giants like Microsoft, CGI and Fujitsu, to create a dynamic environment perfect for bold ideas, innovation, and investments.

In the IT sector over 130 countries utilise our solutions and we research, develop, and support global software and systems 24/7 in multiple languages. As technology redefines business and borders, Estonia is the scalable location for the 21st Century.

With the most competitive tax code in the OECD and a government committed to maintaining a strong investment-grade credit rating, Estonia offers true sustainable financial attractiveness - there is no corporate income tax on retained and reinvested profits, and taxes can be declared fully online.

How to benefit from the e-solutions and the efficiency of our business culture? What are the opportunities in specific sectors? Who to partner up with? Visit the website of Invest Estonia to find the best business opportunities in Estonia.

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