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It is important to understand companies created through e-Residency are EU companies like any other company created within Estonia’s trusted business environment. There is no legal distinction for an ‘e-Residency company,’ it's simply an EU company created in Estonia. There are no additional restrictions to the business activities of companies registered through e-Residency, as long as they are in accordance with legislation.

You should not refer to your company as a ‘virtual company.’ To establish and manage an EU company entirely online is already normal for everyone in Estonia, and more and more e-residents are discovering the same benefits.

On your company website, you can refer to your company as an ‘Estonian company’ or an ‘EU company registered in Estonia.’ Estonia’s business environment is highly regarded globally due to its trusted and transparent nature, as well as its location within the EU. It is also known as the birthplace of leading technology companies, including Skype, TransferWise, Bolt, Pipedrive and Toggl.

You should display your company’s registration number and legal address in Estonia on your website. Many Estonian companies also include their business license numbers.

If you would like to more strongly associate with Estonia, you are welcome to visit Toolbox Estonia for a range of Estonian-related imagery that you can use subject to their terms and conditions.

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We are delighted when new e-residents wish to tell more people about how e-Residency works for them. If you would like to share your company story and how e-Residency has helped you, please submit your details:

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E-Residency company badge

We previously offered an e-Residency company badge for marketing purposes, but this is no longer available as we do not want to create the impression that an e-Residency company is considered different from any other company in the Estonian business environment.


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