Your PIN codes

Your e-Residency digital ID card is an electronic personal identification used to securely identify yourself over the internet. Just like showing identification when completing a credit card transaction at a store, you show your digital ID for verification over the internet so companies are certain you are you. 

When using your digital ID card, your PIN codes provide universal authentication.

Do not lose your PIN codes

This is very important. Your PINs cannot be reset remotely. If you lose them, you will need to either visit an Estonian Police and Border Guard Board office in Estonia, or, reapply for e-Residency.

What are PIN codes

Your PIN codes provide universal authentication. You don't need usernames and passwords to use Estonian e-services, just your PIN codes.

  • PIN1: The personal identification process, like login, will always ask for PIN1. To log in using your digital ID card, you must have physical possession of the card, a card reader and know your PIN1. This confirms you are you.
  • PIN2: To sign a document or issue a payment you will additionally need PIN2. This confirms you agree to complete the action.

Be sure to review our article on digital ID safety.

More PIN code questions

Can I share my digital ID?
No. Do not give your e-Residency digital ID card to other people. If it is misused, you will be legally responsible for any agreements made on your behalf.

Can I change my PIN codes?
Yes, but you need the original PIN codes to do so. You can change your PIN codes here. For security, PIN1 and PIN2 should be different. If the two codes are very similar, it may be easy for someone to guess the other code if they gain access to one.

My PIN codes are blocked.
You can unblock PIN1 or PIN2 by using your PUK code. Here are the instructions

It is not possible to unblock a PUK code remotely. You will need to visit an Estonian Police and Border Guard Board office in Estonia, or, reapply for e-Residency.

Lost PIN codes

This is bad news, you don't want to lose your PINs.

If you plan to visit Estonia, you can renew the PIN codes and receive a new PIN code envelope at an Estonian Police and Border Guard Board office. Just stop by during office hours with your digital ID and other identification (like your passport), take a ticket and wait your turn.

If you do not plan to visit Estonia, please contact the e-Residency team at and we will advise on alternatives. It is likely you will need to reapply for e-Residency as you would if you had lost your e-Residency digital ID card. For more details, read our article on lost documents here.

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