Business licenses

Some areas of activity are subject to special requirements for which you will need to submit a notice of economic activity or apply for a business licence. If applicable, you will need to obtain the necessary licence before you begin business activity.

For example, you will need to apply for a license if you operate a company focused on:

  • Tourism, such as a travel retailer or tour operator
  • Labour market, such as job mediation
  • Management consultancy
  • Financial activities

Note, you should also verify you have all necessary licenses to operate outside Estonia, such as in your home country, if you plan to do so.

Do you need a license in Estonia

A good overview of licences and economic activities can be found in the State Portal.

You can check which area of activity requires a licence or a notice of economic activity using the EMTAK Search. After you find your business activity, scroll down to expand the Details section and check for special requirements.

Many of business service providers listed in our Marketplace can help advise or apply for business licenses. Some specialize in specific industries and have deep knowledge of licensing in those industries, so be sure to compare your options.

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