Register a branch of a foreign company

If you have a foreign company and you intend to sell goods or services under that company's name on a permanent basis in Estonia, you, as the representative of that company in Estonia, will have to register the company with the Commercial Register as an official branch.

Registering a branch of a foreign company initially requires a notary (e-residents can also use e-notary service), but it can then be managed entirely online with an e-Residency digital ID card once registered.


A branch is not a separate legal entity. The foreign company will be responsible for the branch’s activities and liable for its obligations.

Board requirements

  • A foreign company must appoint a director or board of directors for the branch.
  • A director must be a natural person with active legal capacity.


A foreign company must maintain separate bookkeeping accounts for its Estonian branch. These accounts must be maintained according to the requirements of the Accounting Act. We recommend you work with a tax adviser to ensure your company meets all tax obligations in both your home country and Estonia.

Learn more

Learn more about registering a branch of a foreign company in the State Portal

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