Private limited company (OÜ)

The private limited company (or OÜ, "osaühing" in Estonian) is the most common form of business both in Estonia and chosen by e-residents. View a comparison of all business structures.

An OÜ is a company in which the owner liability is limited to the owner's shares. An OÜ is liable for its obligations across all assets, but a shareholder is not personally liable for the obligations of the OÜ.

Primary considerations

  • A legal address and a designated contact person is required to register the OÜ in Estonia if the management of the board does not reside in Estonia physically. Both of these services can be purchased from a qualified virtual office service provider. Read more about contact person and legal address requirements.
  • If you are a multi-shareholder company, you will likely want each founder to apply for e-Residency if they do not currently have a digital ID valid in Estonia. Read this article to understand why.
  • An OÜ must have a management board, a directing body to represent and direct the company. The management board may have one or several members. All members of the board must have a digital ID valid in Estonia in order to register and manage the OÜ online.
  • Share capital contribution is a minimum of €2500. If the founders are private individuals, they can defer the share capital payment, but until the entire amount has been paid, the founders are personally liable for the obligations of the OÜ.
  • Minimum nominal value of a share is €1.
  • In Estonia, one OÜ can have multiple activities, meaning, you do not need to register two different companies if you wish to be active in more than one field. When you register your company, you must include the planned principal activity you expect to produce the most income in the first fiscal year. At the end of your first fiscal year, you will submit an annual report demonstrating all areas of business activity, as well as the areas of activity planned for the upcoming year. According to your annual report, public information in the company register will be updated as well.

Registration of an OÜ

Online registration of the company is done within the Company Registration Portal, hosted by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK).

Follow our step-by-step instructions to register your company.


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