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Answers to questions from basic technical issues to digital ID card replacement.

Certificates are not active

If you have just received your e-Residency digital ID, confirm your certificates have been activated as this can take up to 24 hours from the time you picked up your e-Residency kit. Check the validity of your certificates on the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) site here.

If the certificates are not yet active, we kindly ask you to wait. If the certificates are not active within 24 hours, contact the issuing authority, PPA, at Be sure to provide your full name, date of birth and document number.

Cannot log in with my digital ID

First, verify your smart card reader is recognized by your computer and reading data from your digital ID card chip. To do that, launch the DigiDoc4 software you should have installed. If it recognizes your card and can read data, this is not the problem.

While the software is open, verify your PIN codes are not blocked. If PIN1 or PIN2 have been blocked, you can unblock them using your PUK code. Here are the instructions.

Next, determine if the problem is only occurring for one e-service or all e-services. Try to log into the State Portal, Company Registration Portal or any other e-service portal.

If the issue only occurs with certain websites, it is possible macOS has cached a broken session and logging in via your digital ID card will not work. You can find a solution here. If you do not use macOS and still encounter a problem, you must contact the site webmaster and inquire.

If the problem occurs on many sites, please contact the ID card help centre using the "Ask for Help" form on their site. You can also use their troubleshooting guide to find a quick solution.

Lost card reader

If you have lost your card reader, you can buy any other smart card reader online or from your local electronics store. Check here to verify the smart card reader you wish to purchase is compatible with the Estonian e-Residency digital ID card.

Lost documents

I lost my digital ID.
If you are certain your e-Residency digital ID card has been lost or stolen, and that it could be used by others to access e-services and/or provide digital signatures on your behalf, call the ID helpline (+372) 677 3377 immediately and request suspension of your certificates. Note, suspension can only be requested by phone and it is not possible to reverse the suspension.

In order to suspend your certificates, you will need to confirm your identity by providing your full name, year of birth and/or personal identification code.

To receive a new document, you will need to reapply for e-Residency. The application is available here; select “Lost, damaged, stolen” as the application type.

The state fee to replace is 100€ and you will need to once again visit a pickup location.

I lost my PIN codes.
Unfortunately, your PIN codes cannot be reset remotely.

If you plan to visit Estonia, you can renew the PIN codes and receive a new PIN code envelope at an Estonian Police and Border Guard Board office. Just stop by during office hours with your digital ID and other identification (like your passport), take a ticket and wait your turn.

If you do not plan to visit Estonia, please contact the e-Residency team at and we will advise on alternatives. It is likely you will need to reapply for e-Residency as you would if you had lost your e-Residency digital ID card.

Blocked PIN codes

If only your PIN1 or PIN2 codes have been blocked, you can unblock them using your PUK code. Here are the instructions.

It is not possible to unblock a PUK code remotely. You will need to visit an Estonian Police and Border Guard Board office in Estonia, or, reapply for e-Residency as described above.

  Step-by-step technical help

If you encounter a technical problem, you should first visit the ID card help centre where they can help you identify your problem and find a solution instantly. Visit them here.

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