Move to Estonia

Although e-residents have access to many of the e-services available to citizens and residents of Estonia, your digital ID card does not serve as a residency permit and e-Residency does not grant you the right of residency in Estonia.

If you are interested in moving to Estonia, the Work in Estonia website has a great tool to help navigate the process.

To learn more, go to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board website or find a relocation service provider in our Marketplace. A relocation service provider can assist you with a personalized consultation regarding your move to Estonia.

If you are the founder of a startup and interested in moving your team physically to Estonia, you can find information about obtaining a startup visa through Startup Estonia.

EU citizen

A citizen of the EU, EEA or Swiss Confederation has a right to stay in Estonia on the basis of a valid travel document or an identity card for a period of up to three months.

If you wish to stay in Estonia for a longer period of time, you will need to register a place of residence in the population register of Estonia. Please find more information on the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board website.

Non-EU citizen

An Estonian temporary residence permit grants its holder the right to live, and in most cases, work in Estonia. If you are interested in moving to Estonia, please visit the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board website to learn more about applying for a temporary residence permit.



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