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E-Residency application fee

The state fee must be paid during the online application process and can be done by Visa or MasterCard. For the time being there are no alternative payment options. If you do not own Visa or MasterCard, the application fee can be paid by someone else on your behalf.

The amount of the state fee depends on the pickup location you choose in your application. 

Chosen pickup location State fee
In Estonia (Service Point of the Police and Border Guard Board) 100 euros
Estonian embassy State fee 120 euros (100 euros for the application and 20 euros for the courier are collected together when submitting the application)

As the application fee is a state fee, no invoices will be provided, but you should receive a receipt of the payment from the payment service provider. If you would like to request another receipt or have questions regarding your payment, please contact the Police and Border Guard Board at 

There are no annual or maintenance fees for the e-Residency digital ID card.

The e-Residency digital ID card is valid for 5 years. The state fee for renewal or replacement is the same. Learn how to renew.

Company registration fees

The state fee to register a private limited company (OÜ) online is €265. You can find a more in-depth overview of some of the Estonian state fees e-residents may need to know about here.

In order to register a company in Estonia, you will need a legal address and contact person. Please note that only a licensed representative may be designated as a contact person. Most of the e-residents use a company service provider for this and spend, on average, €200-400 per yearService fees vary depending on a service package (some may also include bookkeeping and accounting) and which service provider you choose. You can compare service fees in our Marketplace, but also check with the service providers directly.

Though it is not a fee, you should also consider the share capital contribution.

If your company needs to apply for a business license, additional costs may occur. 

Company running costs

We strongly recommend using the services of a professional accountant to make sure that your company's bookkeeping and accounting comply with local rules. An accountant can also help you to prepare and submit an annual report, which is mandatory for all Estonian companies (even if they have not been active). Fees for accounting services start from €50 per month. 

Other company costs will depend on additional services that your company might need such as legal or tax consulting, business advice, sales and marketing, etc. 

Look for a service provider and compare their service fees in our Marketplace.

Estonian corporate tax

In Estonia, tax is not assessed on the profit earned every year but on a monthly basis, and only when profits have been distributed. The corporate tax rate is generally a flat 20%, calculated as 20/80 from taxable net payment. Learn more about Estonian taxation, and when it applies.

If your annual taxable turnover is below €40,000, VAT registration in Estonia is not obligatory.

Banking fees

Information about the average cost of business banking services used by e-residents can be found in our banking comparison table

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