Why become an e-resident

If you are granted e-Residency, you will receive a government-issued digital ID card that provides access to e-services.

The majority of e-services currently available to e-residents are business-related as most people choose to apply for e-Residency in order to establish and manage a company online in a transparent business environment - e-Residency works particularly well for entrepreneurs offering location-independent digital services, like freelancers, consultants, digital nomads and solopreneurs.

Benefits of becoming an e-resident

  • Digitally sign documents
  • Verify the authenticity of signed documents
  • Encrypt and send documents securely
  • Establish an Estonian company online
  • Manage your Estonian company online from anywhere in the world
  • Apply for digital business banking and online payment services
  • Declare Estonian corporate taxes online

A list of the e-services most often used by e-residents can be found in our article on how to use your e-Residency digital ID or in our Marketplace.

If you're ready, learn more about how to apply.


Can I travel to the EU with e-Residency?
No. Your status as an e-resident does not grant permission to travel to Estonia or within the EU without a visa, should one be needed. Your e-Residency digital ID card can not be used for travel and does not display a photo for physical identification.
Can I live in the EU with e-Residency?
No. Your status as an e-resident does not grant permission to live in Estonia or within the EU. You will not receive benefits related to EU residency by becoming an e-resident.
Will e-Residency affect my current residency, citizenship or visas?
E-Residency does not have any effect on your current residency, citizenship or visas in any country.
Will I get a physical address in Estonia with e-Residency?
No. Your e-Residency status itself does not come with a physical address in Estonia. To register your company in Estonia, you will likely need to use a business service provider to provide contact person and legal address service.
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