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E-Residency Blog News about the e-Residency program, stories of e-residents, how-to guides and guest posts from our partners
E-Residency Videos

Webinar recordings and video tutorials

Business Guide

Comprehensive information about company establishment, taxation, and employment matters

State Portal

Good resource for a starting entrepreneur that provides basic information about doing business in Estonia

Invest in Estonia

Government agency promoting foreign investments and assisting international companies in finding business opportunities in Estonia

Startup Estonia

Information about the Startup visa and the Estonian startup ecosystem

Company Registration Portal

Portal for submitting online applications for registering a new company, amending registry data, preparing and submitting annual reports

e-Business Register

Real-time data of all legal persons registered in Estonia


Web-based accounting software provided by the state

Estonian taxation

Estonian Tax and Customs Board

Information on Estonian taxes for e-residents

e-Tax/e-Customs Self-service environment for tax and customs information and prospective liabilities


Riigi Teataja

Consolidated texts of English translations of Estonian legislation

Commercial code

Legislation regarding company law within Estonia

Chamber of Notaries

List and contacts of the notaries


Remote online notarisation 

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