e-Residency Marketplace - what is it and how to use it?

What is the e-Residency Marketplace?

In order to aid e-residents in finding suitable service providers to start and run their companies, e-Residency curates a Marketplace where you can see the profiles, services and pricing of business service providers in various fields, such as company formation, tax and legal advice, business consultation and much more. The main goal of the Marketplace is to consolidate and provide basic information about some of the service providers available for e-⁠residents, in order to facilitate their first steps when starting and running businesses. 

As an example, a service most e-resident companies require is that of a contact person

The e-Residency team performs due diligence on each Marketplace member candidate to ensure all Marketplace members meet criteria related to their status, business activities, reputation, level of expertise on e-⁠Residency, level of services, as well as other relevant aspects. The aim of the criteria is to ensure that the Marketplace maintains the relevance, quality, safety, transparency, trustworthiness, and good reputation of the e-⁠Residency programme.

If you would like to join the Marketplace as a service provider, you can find more information on the process here. Please note that the ultimate selection of service providers added to the Marketplace is at the discretion of the e-Residency programme.

Single service or package?

You can start your selection process on the Marketplace by deciding whether you are looking for a single service (e.g., accounting or country-specific tax advice) or a service provider who can offer several services combined (e.g., company formation as well as accounting and tax consultations). Generally, e-residents tend to prefer packages over single services as having a single service provider can streamline processes. 

Drop-down filters

In order to easily find a service provider or product best suited for your needs, you can use the drop-down filters displayed on the page. 

mp filters screen.png

The categories displayed in the filters allow you to select the details of your business e.g., the specific service you are looking for, your company size, language etc. You can use as few or as many filters to narrow down your search as you need.

Service provider profiles

On a service provider’s profile, you will find information regarding their services, and pricing. Their profile will also display any restrictions or eligibility criteria the service provider has set for their clients, e.g. target industries and business types. 

mp profile screen - crop.png

At the bottom of the page, you will also find reviews left by other e-residents who have used their services. In order to leave a review, you must log in using your digital ID to authenticate yourself.

Comparing service providers

The compare tool allows you to easily compare up to 4 service providers based on various criteria, such as services and supported languages.

Using the search bar

You can use the search bar to look for specific services or service providers across the Marketplace. Please note that the search function on the Marketplace will not display other results from the e-Residency website, such as blog content and Knowledge Base articles!

Logging in

On the Marketplace, you’ll be able to leave a review to your service provider. In order to leave a review, visit the profile page of your service provider. After clicking the button to leave a review at the bottom of your service provider’s profile, you will be prompted to log in using your digital ID or Smart-ID. You will also need to log in if you would like to modify previous reviews you have left. This ensures that all reviews on our Marketplace are authentic and left by e-residents.

Giving feedback to the Marketplace

With the launch of the updated e-Residency Marketplace, we will continue rolling out new functions on a continuous basis. If you would like to leave your feedback, you can do so through a pop-up on the Marketplace page.

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